D7.6 – Demo site report #6 N. Denmark

Bidragets oversatte titel: D7.6 - Demonstrationsrapport #6 N. Danmark

Martin Frandsen*, Martin Veit, Michal Zbigniew Pomianowski, Kais Dai, Nikos Sofias, Dimitris Lokas, Ioannis Meintanis, Francois Veynandt, Pavlos Psimadas, Vagelis Alifragkis, Lorenzo Farina, Mattia Repossi, Rosaria Aversa, Giacomo Chiesa, Paolo Grasso, Florian Wenig, Christian Heschl, Giorgios Sokas, Athanasios Balomenos


Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportForskning

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Deliverable 7.6 (Demo site report #6 N. Denmark) is part of WP7 (Demonstration in operational environment). The report is public. The aim of T7.6 is to support the integration of the two NZEB residential single-family buildings into the PRELUDE platform and to integrate into these buildings, under real operation, the identified PRELUDE technologies. Data from the Danish demonstrations was also used for the development/validation of the PRELUDE technologies whenever possible. This reportsummarizes also the requirements and expectations of the Danish NZEB buildings for bothenergy use and IEQ. These are considered common for both buildings.

The report summarizes and elaborates on the motivation to use the selected demonstration cases for the enablers developed by PRELUDE and defines the intervention plans and the rationale for implementing or not the individual solutions developed by PRELUDE .

The task was to document the state of the buildings, their systems and the modifications that were carried out from the beginning of the project until M30. This process is carried out for each building and is documented in this report separately for each building case. The descriptions of buildings, systems, and modifications are documented in a detailed manner to provide a rich documentation of the technology enablers produced by PRELUDE. This includes securing the extensive monitoring of both buildings and the connection of the monitoring infrastructure to the PRELUDE platform (FusiX middleware) together with the identification of available data points in the middleware. Moreover, the first analysis of the data (energy and IEQ) was carried out to better identify the potential of the implementation of technology . Finally, the outcome of bilateral discussions and planning for each demo building and the PRELUDE technologies is summarized. Each technology that was identified as a potential for implementation and / or identified as being of value to the buildings or valuable for the technology to be tested in the operational environment is described.
Bidragets oversatte titelD7.6 - Demonstrationsrapport #6 N. Danmark
ForlagEuropean Commision
Antal sider165
StatusUdgivet - 31 maj 2023

Bibliografisk note

Reviewers: Peter Klanatsky (FORSCHUNG BURGENLAND GMBH), Esteben Fabello Gonzalez (TREE TECHNOLOGY SA)


  • Demonstrationsrapport
  • Bygningsdrift
  • Smart bygning
  • Lavenergi
  • Dynamisk bygningssimulering
  • model based predicted control
  • Free runing
  • Proaktive bygninger
  • Forebyggende vedligeholdelse
  • Tilstedeværelsesmodeler
  • Energifleksibilitet
  • Vurdering af smartness


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