Deliverable 3.3.2 Specification of tests and test groups

Carrie Beth Peterson, Anelia Mitseva, Jill Harpur, Ita Brown, Natalie Magee, Anne Abildgaard, Katja Rääpysjärvi, Thomas P.N. Iversen, Cinzia Mambretti, Antonis Litke, George Dafoulas, George Gorgogetas, Stavroula Souliou, Louise Andreasen, Per Francke, Carlo Gabelgaard, Paolo Barone

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Deliverable 3.3.2: Specification of tests and test groups

One of the main goals of the ISISEMD project is to offer innovative ICT services to improve the quality of life of elderly persons with cognitive problems or mild dementia and their informal and formal caregivers who provide every day care for them. This will be done via integrating intelligent scalable ICT services which will be tested for a period of 12 months under realistic conditions. Offering the services could not be complete without evaluating quality of life improvement, user acceptance and user satisfaction with a representative group of the target user groups. This document is devoted to describing important aspects of services evaluation such as: who the test participants will be, inclusion and exclusion criterion, selection standards, how the test participants will be recruited, ethical considerations, etc. Test methodology, test objectives, evaluation parameters, work plan for the tests, test tasks and test scenarios are further presented.
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StatusUdgivet - 2009

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    Peterson, C. B., Iversen, T. P. N., Mitseva, A., Marchetti, N., Anggorojati, B., Cetin, K., Prasad, N. R., Kyriazakos, S. & Dinesen, B.

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