This deliverable is providing the preliminary representation of the general characteristics of the service experience, in order for the pilot coordinators to propose the MUV service in their cities. The deliverable reports “general” use cases for the service, i.e. use cases related to functionalities of the service, that will be common for each pilot. Such functionalities will support different specifications of the service in each pilot that will be expressed in more details in D5.2 and in the future update of this deliverable.
The representation techniques reported in this deliverable are those commonly used in service design to support the dialogue between service designers, service providers, users and other relevant stakeholders participating to value creation in the service. In particular this document uses two representation tools: the service journey and the service blueprint. The service journey synthesises the experience of the main actor in a specific occurrence of the service. The service blueprint represents the detailed description of front- and back office of the service for the same occurrence.
Antal sider67
StatusUdgivet - 5 jun. 2018


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