Design and Verification of Fault-Tolerant Components

Miaomiao Zhang, Zhiming Liu, Anders Peter Ravn, Charles Morisset

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We present a systematic approach to design and verification of fault-tolerant components with real-time properties as found in embedded systems. A state machine model of the correct component is augmented with internal transitions
that represent hypothesized faults. Also, constraints on the occurrence or timing of faults are included in this model. This model of a faulty component is then extended with fault detection and recovery mechanisms, again in the form of
state machines. Desired properties of the component are model checked for each of the successive models. The models can be made relatively detailed such that they can serve directly as blueprints for engineering, and yet be amenable to exhaustive verication. The approach is illustrated with a design of a triple modular fault-tolerant system that is a real case we received from our collaborators in the aerospace field. We use UPPAAL to model and check this design. Model checking uses concrete parameters, so we extend the result with parametric analysis using abstractions of the automata in a rigorous verification.
BogserieLecture Notes in Computer Science
Sider (fra-til)57-84
Antal sider28
StatusUdgivet - 2009

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Methods, Models and Tools for Fault Tolerance

Methods, Models, and Tools for Fault Tolerance, State of the Art Survey

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 0302-9743
Programming and Software Engineering, Springer, 5454

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