Designing for Longevity: Expert Strategies for Creating Long-Lasting Products

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Who would not want to create a product that is significant enough to last a lifetime? A product that users love and admire. A product that proves to be relevant in the market for a decade and that makes a long-term strategic difference for the company producing it. With the societal focus on more sustainable production and consumption patterns, the ability to create long lasting products will in the coming years will not only be a personal dream of many creators, but a requisite skill of any designer, engineer or product developer.
Designing for longevity offers you unique insight into how expert design teams create truly remarkable and long lasting product concepts. We will disclose how expert teams behind products like the Vipp V1 kitchen, B&O’s A9, LEGO Ninjago and Friends and Coloplasts’ Sensura Mio, approach different strategic challenges and share their strategies to create strategically durable product concepts.
The key finding in this book is that for a product to be strategically durable is it not enough to be maintainable, upgradable, reliable etc. as many of our present design strategies for product longevity propose. For a product to be strategically durable - it needs to create a long-lasting strategic fit both to the user, to the market and to the company. In this book, we will provide designers, developers and creators with 5 distinctive expert strategies, detailed case-studies, action guidelines and worksheets, that can support both beginners and advanced professionals in creating new product concept with long lasting strategic fits.
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ISBN (Trykt)9781032284668
StatusUdgivet - 12 okt. 2022


  • Circular Economy
  • Product longevity
  • Expert strategies
  • LEGO
  • B&O
  • Strategic Durability
  • Strategic fit


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