The introduction of a new law in the Danish Criminal Code in 2020 has mandated regular unannounced home visits by the police for convicted sex offenders who have sexually assaulted children. While ‘Sex Offender Laws’ are well-established in countries such as the US and the UK, their implementation in a Danish context is relatively new. This paper critically examines the implications of this new law, with a specific focus on human rights, aiming to highlight the concerning consequences of its enforcement. Drawing on qualitative data, including interviews with convicted sex offenders, the paper reveals how this new law not only violates offenders’ fundamental rights to privacy, family life, home, and correspondence, but also has serious implications on their mental health, social life, housing situation, as well as their rehabilitation and social reintegration.
TidsskriftRetfærd: Nordisk Juridisk Tidsskrift
Udgave nummer2 (176)
Sider (fra-til)53-70
Antal sider16
StatusUdgivet - 2023


  • Seksualforbrydere dømt for overgreb mod børn
  • Politiets tilsynsbesøg
  • Menneskerettigheder