Detailed experimental characterization of a reformate fuelled PEM stack

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Increasing attention is given to fuel cells for micro combined heat and power systems for local households. Currently, mainly three different types of fuel cells are commercially competitive: SOFC, low- and high-temperature PEM fuel cells. In the present paper the Low Temperature PEM technology is in focus. To be able to design highly efficient micro CHP systems, it is critical to have a reliable performance map of not only the stack performance in the nominal operating point but also at system part load.  Issues like parasitic power consumption of the balance of plant components, dynamic performance and process input variations need to be carefully accounted for. Such data will additionally provide valuable input for system modeling and optimization. The paper presents an advanced experimental test facility capable of performing static as well as dynamic tests on fuel cell stacks with electric power output from 1-3-kW. All process inputs for the stack can be altered to provide realistic performance analyses, corresponding to those encountered in field applications. These include cathode/anode dew point control, cathode flow rate, cooling water temperature control as well as synthesis gas mixing (CO, CO2, N2, Air and H2). The control system includes 12 thermocouple inputs, up to 60 cell voltages, more than 10 flow measurements and 10 pressure measurements, all at sample rates up to 1 kHz. The system design is thoroughly explained to provide valuable information for system integrators. Additionally, the paper contains a comprehensive set of test results based on a commercial reformate PEM stack  A series of different synthesis gas compositions were applied to the stack including 5 and 10 ppm CO content, 20% CO2 and air bleeding. During these tests, the dynamic response of the cell voltage was monitored. The time response of the recovery process was measured while loading and unloading the stack and continuously feeding pure hydrogen. Also the influences of parameters such as cathode stoichiometry, inlet dew point temperatures of the cathode and anode gas streams were investigated.

TitelProceedings of the Nordic PEM Fuel Cell Conference in Stockholm, 2006
ForlagNordic PEMFC
StatusUdgivet - 2006
BegivenhedNordic PEMFC 2006 - Stockholm, Sverige
Varighed: 25 sep. 200627 sep. 2006


KonferenceNordic PEMFC 2006

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