Determining actuator requirements for cyclic varying pitch propeller for ships

Uffe Sjølund Freiberg, Torben O. Andersen, Jens Ring Nielsen, Henrik C. Pedersen*


Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review

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In marine applications, a cyclic varying pitch (CVP) propeller is a propeller in which the propeller blade can be cyclic-pitched. This cyclic pitching of the propeller blades is used to adapt to the local flow conditions in the non-uniform wake field that the propeller operates in, behind the ship hull. This has the potential to improve the performance of the propulsion system relative to a propeller which has fixed pitch for each revolution. The potential performance improvements include increasing the propulsion efficiency and reducing the cavitation, pressure pulses, vibrations and noise problems. However, the CVP propeller is not on the market today, and several challenges have to be addressed before the CVP propeller may be realized. One of these challenges is how to design the individual cyclic pitch mechanism for the propeller. However, before the cyclic pitch mechanism can be designed, it is necessary to know the requirements for it, such as the required pitching power and torque. The focus of the current paper is therefore to present a model for the propeller, by which it is possible to determine the loads acting on the CVP propeller blades during the cyclic pitching, and hence the actuator force/torque and power requirements. To illustrate the usefulness of the model, an example is presented, in which the loads on a CVP propeller are determined, together with the requirements for the individual cyclic pitch mechanism. The efficiency results presented are, however, not representative of the efficiency improvement that may be obtained, as neither the propeller nor the pitch trajectory has been optimised. The results do, however, serve to show the benefit and validity of the model.

Udgave nummer20
StatusUdgivet - 2 okt. 2021

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Funding: This research was partially funded by Innovation Fund Denmark grant number 5016-0017B.

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