Developing a Dementia tracking solution: involving people with dementia and their carer

Diana Schack Thoft, Anders Kalsgaard Møller

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The aim of this study was to develop a new dementia tracking solution for people with dementia and their family carer. Focus was on developing a solution which were user-friendly and had a high user-acceptability for both the person with dementia and the familiy. Thus, high reliability, precision and low battery use. The study was a public private innovation project involving users, a NGO, municipalities, universities and private companies in the Nothern Denmark.

In the study, user-involvement including people with dementia and their family carers, were used to ensure their experiences and needs were met in the development of the tracking solution. In the study, both people with dementia and their families expressed the need for a new solution that supports people with dementia independently to engage in the local community without worrying the family. Some families had already experienced situations where they got worried about the safety of their relative with dementia. Many developed different strategies for avoiding situations where the person with dementia was not able to find their way. Both people with dementia and their carers empathized the importance of developing solutions that support the autonomy and freedom of people with dementia together with ensuring their saftety.

Three workshops were held for people with dementia and the family carers respectively. Including two groups of people with dementia and one group of relatives. The three workshops focused on: Introduction and brainstorm for developing a new tracking solution, Introduction to possible new and existing tracking solutions and Evaluation and presentation of the developed tracking solution. Each workshop was planned in relation to the wishes and the competences of the participants and involved different creative and innovative methods.

The developed dementia tracking solution was evaluated positively by most of the participants and several were keen to test the solution. However, the participants were also critical towards the prototype of the solution and expressed a need for more features, another design and the possibility of individualisation.
Publikationsdato10 dec. 2020
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 10 dec. 2020
BegivenhedInternational Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International - Virtual
Varighed: 10 dec. 202012 dec. 2020
Konferencens nummer: 34


KonferenceInternational Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International


  • Dementia
  • tracking solution,
  • involvement
  • workshops
  • development