Development of Nordic-Baltic competence and experience sharing of energy sufficiency

Helena Kronby, Rikke Veber Rasmussen, Michael Søgaard Jørgensen*, Gunnar Boye Olesen, Janis Brizga, Vidas Lekavičius, Ann Vikkelsø


Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportForskning

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The report presents the experiences from a two-day workshop with dissemination of perspectives on and methods within energy sufficiency to Baltic and Nordic countries developed in the project. Furthermore, the report presents the joint cross-national discussions and experience sharing among the participants at the workshop. Finally, the report presents ideas for further research and knowledge development within energy sufficiency.
ForlagBaltic Nordic Energy Research Programme
Antal sider30
StatusUdgivet - 22 apr. 2022


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