Disseminating scientific knowledge to small and medium-sized enterprises

Publikation: Ph.d.-afhandling

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The science-society debate has increased over recent decades. While the traditional missions of universities are research and teaching, the rise of the knowledge economy has brought on a growing attention to the 'third mission'. Universities are increasingly seen as a source of new ideas, inventions and regional/national innovation and they are now expected to stimulate a greater awareness and utilisation of scientific knowledge outside academia. However, finding successful ways to disseminate scientific knowledge from universities to the outside world is challenging.

Through a number of explorative studies, the thesis (1) examines, (2) develops and (3) evaluates how scientific knowledge can be disseminated to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through generic pathways. Focus is on the dissemination of existing scientific knowledge in the form of Pure data from VBN, which is the Research Information Management System of Aalborg University. Based on mainly qualitative data, the thesis provides insights into SMEs' perspectives and preferences regarding external knowledge acquisition. This forms the basis for the development of a new generic pathway that concretises and exemplifies how scientific knowledge can be disseminated to SMEs.
  • Lykke, Marianne, Hovedvejleder
  • Graakjær, Nicolai Jørgensgaard, Bivejleder
ISBN'er, elektronisk978-87-7210-151-4
StatusUdgivet - 2018

Bibliografisk note

PhD supervisor:
Professor Marianne Lykke, Aalborg University

Assistant PhD supervisor:
Professor Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær, Aalborg University