DOA Estimation of Audio Sources in Reverberant Environments

Jesper Rindom Jensen, Jesper Kjær Nielsen, Richard Heusdens, Mads Græsbøll Christensen

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Reverberation is well-known to have a detrimental impact on many
localization methods for audio sources. We address this problem by
imposing a model for the early reflections as well as a model for the
audio source itself. Using these models, we propose two iterative
localization methods that estimate the direction-of-arrival (DOA) of
both the direct path of the audio source and the early reflections. In
these methods, the contribution of the early reflections is essentially
subtracted from the signal observations before localization of the direct
path component, which may reduce the estimation bias. Our
simulation results show that we can estimate the DOA of the desired
signal more accurately with this procedure compared to state-of-theart
estimator in both synthetic and real data experiments with reverberation.


KonferenceThe 41st IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing


  • Audio localization
  • DOA estimation
  • reverberation
  • nonlinear least squares
  • maximum likelihood

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