DOTE: Distributed Open Transcription Environment

Paul McIlvenny (Producent), Jacob Gorm Davidsen (Producent), Artúr Barnabás Kovács (Udvikler)

Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformSoftwareprogramForskning


DOTE is a new type of transcription software developed by the BigSoftVideo team at Aalborg University. It has been designed to support a specific standard of transcription practices common in conversation analysis. It has some of the features commonly found in other software -- such as video playback, a timeline and a visual waveform -- but these features are streamlined and easier to use in DOTE. Moreover, DOTE has enhanced features that do not exist in any legacy software so far, such as auto-completion, intellisense, 360 video support, viewcodes and version control. Our motto is make transcription fun again!
Publikationsdato27 jul. 2021
StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 27 jul. 2021


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