Doulble hermeneutics of the life world: a perspective on the social, on dialogue and interpretation

Lennart Nørreklit

Publikation: Working paperForskning

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The idea of doduble hermeneutics is presented and its consequences for human and social life analyzed. According to double hermeneutics the understanding of the other is not to obtain knowledge about the pre-understanding of the other, but to understand why the other has the pre-understanding, he hass, and what he i sdoing with it. Thus there emerges the double hermeneutics: the hermeneutics of understanding, what the other is saying, and the hermeneutics of understanding the other.
UdgiverInstitut for Uddannelse, Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet
Antal sider13
ISBN (Elektronisk)8791943213
StatusUdgivet - 2006