Drivers for Welfare Innovation: An Alternative to Phase Models

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Innovation has become a key goal towards which teaching and workplace learning needs to be directed. Now perceived as germane and even necessary in almost all kinds of welfare work, the innovation potential in everyday practices and ways of allowing for employer creativity have become a highly relevant objects of study. Innovation strategy and research traditionally regards innovation as a set of phases. The purpose of this paper is to enhance ‘phase’ models by adding to them a ‘driver’ model which may provide an appropriate strategy for studying and supporting the innovation potential in welfare professionals’ everyday work. The paper draws on empirical material from a multi-sited ethnographic field study of elderly care in Denmark. Based on pragmatic and situated notions of doing and knowing the paper illustrates the innovation potential in everyday practices of elderly care work. Based on the empirical material, the paper proposes a ‘driver’ model for context sensitive research of innovation in welfare workplaces. The model involves three elements which can be regarded as drivers for innovation: i) craft (i.e. professional skills and knowledge), ii) levers (i.e. experiments and adjustment of routines), and iii) purposes (i.e. values and visions). The model can assist the acknowledgment of initiatives that hold a potential for innovation, but risk being overlooked by phase models. The model points to the necessity to anchor innovation strategies in existing knowledge, routines, and values that are not necessarily perceived, performed, and changed in phases. A pragmatic and situated perspective on welfare innovation suggests a conception of welfare innovation which is not translated from firm innovation, but derived directly from welfare contexts.
TitelConference Proceedings
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Publikationsdato9 dec. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 9 dec. 2015
Begivenhed9th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning - School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA), Singapore, Singapore
Varighed: 9 dec. 201511 dec. 2015
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Konference9th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning
LokationSchool of the Arts Singapore (SOTA)