E-governance in cadastral and land management need a new theoretical paradigm

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Through the 80´ties and 90´ties all public databases with land information have been digitalized and related maps been developed and every one of these systems have been developed with world wide web access for private citizens and professional users. This development has been based on isolated IT-strategies for each public authority and without any organizational change in the basic structure in Governmental Bodies and administrative levels. First of all a new strategy for E-governance have been decided and is under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance. This strategy focus on the individual citizen and to do it easier for him/her to access land and planning information though portals instead of a long row of WEB-sites managed by individual authorities with land management. Public authorities are under pressure to cooperate and develop their organization to match the challenge of partnership with the public structure of administrative authorities and to make public-private partnerships. The strategy is strictly based on governmental demand on costreduction and more effectiveness. The technological side of this strategy is new Internet Technologies as Service-Oriented IT-architecture, common standardization on data models using XML and GML-schemas. The strategy request a new theoretical paradigm for handling land information and introduce quite new user-interfaces and interaction with different usersegments within different data domains like environment, property, traffic instead of the traditional focus on existing organizations within and between public bodies. Secondly a total new political-administrative reform is being implemented in Denmark. The reform will reduce the number of municipalities from 275 to 100 and fully remove the Political Regional Level – The County – from the political landscape. The reform has been decided by The Parlament and has effected that Planning and Land Management at Regional Level – mostly nature protection, environmental management and Regional Spatial Planning – is changed by law and divided between State authorities and the new bigger Municipalities. Carrying out this reform in Land Management will based on the integration of Geographical Information Systems and E-Governance.
TitelShaping the change : XXIII International FIG Congress : Proceedings
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ForlagInternational Federation of Surveyors
ISBN (Elektronisk)8790907523
StatusUdgivet - 2006
BegivenhedInternational FIG Congress - München, Tyskland
Varighed: 8 okt. 200613 okt. 2006
Konferencens nummer: XXIII


KonferenceInternational FIG Congress

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