ECIU 2004-2005: Review of Internal Decision Making Processes

Birte C. Hornemann, Kirsten Mølgaard Nielsen, Christiane Bimberg, Christiane Bimberg, Andreas Stich, Iain Hunter, Jan Evers

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Programme. The aim of the Report is to review the internal decision-making processes of universities. This topic is one of the central fields of academic research into governance of universities. Some scientific papers and models already exist on such decision-making proc-esses and the second section of this Introduction describes some of the most well-known models in abbreviated form. However, the focus of this Report is not on the verification or rejection of these models. Rather, the Report focuses on how decision-making processes work at universities in different countries considering: whether these processes are compa-rable, whether and to what extent national or legal issues affect decision-making processes, and to what extent the individual universities can learn from this comparison of the decision-making processes. The analysis and the comparison take place on the basis of exemplary case studies of the decision-making processes at the four universities of the authors. The decision-making processes selected are made at all of the universities involved and are of strategic importance. After a very short composition from models of university behaviour in the second part of this introduction in chapter 2 the governance and management structures of the individual universities and the case studies are presented. The third chapter delivers the conclusions.
ForlagEuropean Consortium of Innovative Universities
Antal sider46
StatusUdgivet - 2005


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