Electrification of the industrial sector in 100% renewable energy scenarios

Peter Sorknæs*, Rasmus M. Johannsen, Andrei D. Korberg, Tore B. Nielsen, Uni R. Petersen, Brian V. Mathiesen


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Future renewable energy systems with high shares of variable renewable energy production must also include technologies and measures to balance these production fluctuations. This could be in the form of electricity storage, energy demand adaptation (also known as demand-side management), or sector coupling. Industry electrification couples electricity and industry sectors by replacing the fossil fuel demand with electricity demands, thus enabling further integration of renewable electricity and transitioning the hard-to-abate energy sector. The effects of electrification on 100% renewable energy systems are rarely investigated. When investigated, one 100% renewable energy system scenario is used, which is often created by the same author, actor or organisation and may result in a narrow view of the possibilities for future energy systems. This study quantifies the role of industry electrification in the context of different 100% renewable energy system scenarios created by different relevant actors, to identify how its role may differ based on the scenario investigated. It is found that direct electrification of industrial process heat demands should be favoured over, e.g., a fuel shift to hydrogen-based process systems, even when these provide more flexibility.

Vol/bind254 Part B
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 1 sep. 2022

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The work presented in this paper is a result of the research activities of the project Coordinated Operation of Integrated Energy Systems (CORE) and the Danish participation in the international IEA project “DHC Annex TS3: Hybrid Energy Networks”. Both have received funding from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP) (no. 64017-0005 and no. 64019-0123 ).

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