Enabling Collaboration Among Cultural Heritage Experts and Maritime Spatial Planners

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Across Europe, countries are joining forces in order to implementEuropean
Commission initiatives as the Blue Growth Strategy and the Directive on
Maritime Spatial Planning. Collaboration on how to perform stakeholder involvement
as well as create cross-border solutions has become a key issue around the
European sea basins and holistic spatial planning approaches similar to terrestrial
planning practices are now being implemented in the marine environment. AQ2
Among the sectors in marine governance is the maritime cultural heritage under
water as well as in the coastal zone, where the example of the Baltic Sea Region
illustrates howthis sector has become an inherent part of the newBlue Growth discourse
and the MSP-policy development across the region. In order to utilise this
potential, support for collaboration and shared understandings within themaritime
cultural heritage community of practise is needed. This research has focused on
how to develop a spatially enabled digital and collaborative working environment
to support the co-creation of new shared spatial planning concepts for maritime
cultural heritage. The development of the platform itself has been carried out in a
close cooperation with the actual users including cultural heritage experts, public
authorities and research institutes in the Baltic Sea Region.
TitelEGOVIS 2020
RedaktørerAndrea Kö
Antal sider15
StatusAccepteret/In press - 2020
NavnLecture Notes in Computer Science


  • Maritime spatial planning (MSP)
  • Maritime cultural heritage
  • Organisational learning
  • Open source solutions


BalticRIM: Baltic Sea Region Integrated Maritime Cultural Heritage Management

Schrøder, L., Hansen, H. S., Bonnevie, I. M., Georgati, M. & Wood, A. L. H.


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Schrøder, L., Georgati, M., & Hansen, H. S. (Accepteret/In press). Enabling Collaboration Among Cultural Heritage Experts and Maritime Spatial Planners. I A. Kö (red.), EGOVIS 2020 (Bind 12394). Springer. Lecture Notes in Computer Science