Energy Consumption and Indoor Climate Measurements in New Low-Energy Houses

Ove Mørck, Karen Holmegaard Andersen, Niels Christian Bergsøe, Kirsten Engelund Thomsen

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The CLASS1 project commenced in 2007 and involves 5 countries: Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy and Romania. Originally, 442 dwellings, a kindergarten and an activity centre for elderly people were to be designed and constructed as "low-energy class 1" houses according to requirements set by the Municipality of Egedal/Denmark, for the CONCERTO community. This means that the energy consumption is 50% below the energy requirements set by the Danish Building Regulation of 2008 (reference). 65 apartments and about 50 single-family houses were constructed. Due to the financial crisis, about 240 new dwellings and a CO2-neutral district heating network will not be constructed within the timeframe of the project Therefore, a contingency plan was developed introducing the renovation of public buildings and large-scale implementation of solar cells on public buildings of the municipality.
The CLASS 1 project used the requirements to low-energy buildings as a driving force for the technological development of 6 different key building components/technologies: windows, slab and foundation insulation systems, bio-mass gasification, local district heating distribution networks, ventilation heat recovery combined with heat pumps and a Building Energy Management Systems.
The overall concept of a CONCERTO project, to combine energy efficiency with renewable energy supply, is thus reached through the combination of low-energy new buildings,the improvement of the energy efficiency of public buildings and PV systems. The paper describes the results obtained for energy and indoor environment evaluations. A cross reference exists to another paper submitted for the conference on "Occupant experiences and satisfaction with new low-energy houses".
TitelProceedings of CLIMA 2013 : 11th REHVA World Congress: Energy Efficient, Smart and Healthy Buildings
RedaktørerKarele Kabele, Miroslav Urban, Karel Suchý, Miloš Lain
Antal sider10
ForlagSociety of Environmental Engineering (STP)
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-80-260-4001-9
StatusUdgivet - 2013
BegivenhedCLIMA 2013: 11th REHVA World Congress & 8th International Conference on IAQVEC - Prague, Tjekkiet
Varighed: 16 jun. 201319 jun. 2013


KonferenceCLIMA 2013

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