Energy management system using Mimosa Pudica optimization technique for microgrid applications

Kavitha V*, Malathi V, Josep M. Guerrero, Najmeh Bazmohammadi


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A microgrid is an powerful alternative promising solution, which fosters a reliable power supply to supplement conventional electrical framework. However, microgrid encounters various challenges subjected to energy flow, power quality, and net profit due to the high integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) in the network. Hence, the Mimosa pudica-based energy management scheme has been designed for optimal scheduling of microgrid to reduce the production overheads with underlying system constraints. Besides, the proposed approach is formulated to manage the power balancing among the distributed resources and utility through a standard communication protocol. Mainly, the optimization process is developed through the sensitive and intelligent behavior of mimosa plants that enable the adaptation of dynamic context by reusing past information through memory, and maintaining variation across the solution leads to good solution accuracy. Moreover, the proposed algorithm corroborates the potency of microgrid over isolated, grid-tied, and resynchronized conditions. Numerical results illustrate that the proposed technique has obtained more profit (8%) than the existing approaches with superior optimization ability and fast convergence.
Udgave nummerPart A
StatusUdgivet - 1 apr. 2022

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