Enhancing creativity for individuals, groups and organizations: Creativity as the Unlimited Application of Knowledge

Christian Byrge, Søren Hansen

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    How do we become creative individuals, by ourselves and with others? How do we increase innovation in our work or study environments? How do we learn to think in unlimited ways? The answers to these questions can be found in this book, which presents new methods for enhancing our own and others’ creativity.

    Creativity is the engine of innovation and entrepreneurship. At the core of creativity is the ability to see original connections and to combine our knowledge in new ways. It’s about finding creativity within ourselves and releasing our creative potential without being limited by our social, cultural or professional backgrounds.

    Using a newly developed scientific theory combined with three practical and thoroughly tested methods, scholars Christian Byrge and Søren Hansen demonstrate how to increase our possibilities for creative thinking in both our academic, professional and private lives. And their methods are effective! In Denmark, national enterprises have worked with the approach of the creative platform to create new work environments where the employees play, break up old patterns and put all their knowledge into action, and the results have been remarkable.

    The practical part of the book is based on action research carried out in cooperation with various Danish companies, schools, hospitals, ministries, universities and local government administrations, as well as with Defence Command Denmark.

    The book is aimed at readers who wish to make others more creative, including leaders, coaches, educators, advisers and teachers.
    ForlagFrydenlund Academic
    Antal sider199
    ISBN (Trykt)9788771184907
    StatusUdgivet - dec. 2014


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