Evolving Expectations and Sales Management Transition in B2B Markets: A Literature Review

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This literature review examines the evolving expectations and transition of sales management in B2B markets. By applying a role theory lens, the study investigates the influence of stakeholders on salespersons' role expectations and how these expectations have changed over time. The review highlights the increasing complexity of the sales job and the expanding skill set required. Challenges such as job overload, burnout, and insecurity are also discussed. The paper emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing stakeholder expectations and offers insights for sales managers, salespeople, and educators. , it proposes a conceptual model based on the PESTLE framework to illustrate the macro trends influencing sales and the emergence of new stakeholders. The review identifies the need for further research on topics such as sales organization specialization, managing turnover while building long-lasting customer relationships, and addressing the paradox of speed in customer demands. Overall, this literature review contributes to a better understanding of the evolving role expectations in B2B sales and provides insights for sales managers, salespeople, and educators in preparing for the changing demands of the sales profession.
Publikationsdato8 jun. 2023
StatusUdgivet - 8 jun. 2023
BegivenhedGlobal Sales Science Institute - GSSI 2023: Take Action! What Should We DO Next in Selling and Sales Management - Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, Canada
Varighed: 7 jun. 202310 jun. 2023


KonferenceGlobal Sales Science Institute - GSSI 2023
LokationTed Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University