Experimental Study of the WEPTOS Wave Energy Converter

Arthur Pecher, Jens Peter Kofoed, Tanguy Marchalot

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This report presents the results of an experimental study on the power conversion capabilities and structural loads of the WEPTOS wave energy converter. The investigation focuses mainly at identifying the performance of the WEPTOS prototype in a wide range of production wave states and at the mooring forces and structural bending moments in extreme wave conditions, in order to estimate the performance and structural loads of larger WEPTOS machines being located at various offshore locations of interest. The following aspects were the main subjects of investigation: Performance of the prototype under a constant and linear PTO loading, the opening angle of the device, the effect of alterations to the wave conditions, and mooring forces and structural bending moments in production and extreme wave states. During the study, a highly realistic scale model was supplied by the client, WEPTOS, which has been rigorously tested as all the anticipated tests have been done thoroughly and during all tests, good quality data has been obtained from all the sensors. The client was participating during all the preparation and tests in the laboratory, and was represented by Tommy Larsen. The laboratory tests were performed by Arthur Pecher and Tanguy Marchalot under the supervision of Jens Peter Kofoed in September 2011 in the CCOB facilities (Spain). This report has been prepared by Arthur Pecher and Jens Peter Kofoed.
ForlagDepartment of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University
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StatusUdgivet - 2011
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  • Waves
  • Extreme Waves
  • PTO
  • Test Setup
  • 3D Waves

    Kofoed, J. P. & Pecher, A.


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  • SDWED: Strukturelt design af bølgeenergianlæg

    Kofoed, J. P., Frigaard, P., Sørensen, J. D., Pedersen, J. K., Lu, K., Sørensen, J. T., Bingham, H., Ferreira, C. B., Zanuttigh, B., Estefan, S. F., Nielsen, K., Brito-Melo, A., Sterndorff, M., Ingram, D. & Bard, J.


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