Exploring Health-Promotion and Policy Synergies in Education in Bhutan

Yezer Yezer, Johannes Dragsbæk Schmidt, Line Kikkenborg Christensen

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    Paper for the International Workshop “Development Challenges in Bhutan”, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, 29-30 May, 2013

    This contribution focuses on how the existing resources and policy objectives for social development activities within the area of health promotion through education is utilized and whether intentions conflict with outcomes. It will furthermore explore whether there are relevant synergies in the policy flow from center to local levels in terms of delivering efficient health through educational policies.
    The focus lies on the implementation level of health in education. The paper asks what the discrepancies between stated policy intentions and actual results are. What are the conflicts between policies formulated at central level and the perception of the actors in local institutions? What are the main contradictions between the stated objective of modernization and the actual wish for keeping up tradition and a specific culturalized understanding of knowledge and well-being production by the government?
    The paper is divided into five sections. The introduction has outlined the context and the nexus between health and education; some theoretical remarks about the links and synergies between health and education are given in the next part; Then third section is an attempt to conceptualize Bhutan’s goals in formulating and planning of policy-making within health through learning; A comprehensive analysis deals with the implementation and promotion of health policies in the primary and secondary school system. This section is partly based on the collection of data and interviews during field work in Bhutan in 2012 and 2013; finally some tentative concluding remarks are offered.
    Publikationsdato30 maj 2013
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    StatusUdgivet - 30 maj 2013
    BegivenhedDevelopment Challenges in Bhutan” - AAU COpenhagen University, Copenhagen, Danmark
    Varighed: 29 maj 201330 maj 2013


    WorkshopDevelopment Challenges in Bhutan”
    LokationAAU COpenhagen University


    • health promotion
    • education
    • development
    • bhutan