FP7-ICT-2009-4 WHERE2 D1.1: Scenarios and Parameters

Jose Holgado, Jimmy Jessen Nielsen, Tatiana Kozlova Madsen, Claus Pedersen, Bernard Henri Fleury, Francisco Quiros, Igor Arambasic, Na Yi, Yi Ma, Dirk Slock, Benoît Denis, Hadi Noureddine, Loïc Brunel, Damien Castelain, Bernard Uguen, Fernando Rivas, Esther López, Francisco de Arriba, Marios Raspopoulos, George AgapiouJoaquim Bastos, Senka Hadzic, Hugo Marques, Armin Dammann, Christian Mensing, Ronald Raulefs

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This document species the typical scenarios dened by the WHERE2 consortium that will be used as a reference for the design and evaluation of the positioning and communication techniques to be investigated and demonstrated in this project. One scenario is characterized by an underlying wireless infrastructure deployed in a given context and a validation and test case. The retained solution consists of a heterogeneous wireless infrastructure in which a wide-range centralized system coexists and cooperates with a short-range ad-hoc peer-to-peer structure. The centralized system is based on 3GPP-LTE. It includes relaying and deployment of femto-cells. The short-range system relies either on ZigBee (IEE.802.15.4) or Impulse Radio - Ultra Wideband (e.g. IEEE 802.15.4a). The wireless infrastructure is considered in a given context characterized by the physical environment in which the infrastructure is deployed, the type and modalities of the used terminals, the level of cooperation of the heterogeneous systems, and the user mobility. A validation and test case describes a particular implementation of specic applications on the wireless infrastructure. These applications utilize the algorithms and technological solutions proposed by WHERE2. In this way these algorithms and solutions are validated and tested in (close-to-)real conditions. In total 1 generic scenario and 6 validation and test cases are dened in this document.
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StatusUdgivet - 18 jan. 2011

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