Framework for Developing Sustainable Heating Roadmaps in Europe and Central Asia

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Heating is the largest form of energy consumption, comprising more the half of the global final energy demand. Decarbonizing the heating sector by energy efficiency improvement of buildings and infrastructures and integrating low-temperature renewable energy and low-carbon technologies is vital to mitigating global climate change. This report aims to provide knowledge on developing sustainable heating roadmaps by proposing a general framework. In particular, the work targets the development of heating roadmaps in Europe and Central Asia (ECA), and thus also policy makers in this region – however the general approach and findings are also applicable and relevant elsewhere. We stress and highlight the need to integrate spatial assessment, and energy system analyses and scenario design in developing sustainable heating roadmaps, as well as the role of proper regulation in facilitating the implementation of heating projects. A case study of Romania in Eastern Europe is given to demonstrate the proposed sustainable heating roadmap framework.
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StatusUdgivet - 2022


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