From Creativity to New Venture Creation: A Conceptual Model of Training for Original and Useful Business Modelling

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This paper explores the processes of creating new companies with original and useful business models from a conceptual perspective. Based on data from large-scale creativity training programs and business model development studies in Denmark encompassing over 100 companies and 200 entrepreneurs, the key proposition of the paper is that entrepreneurs can enhance their development processes through training of their competences in creativity and in business modeling. The paper presents a set of key skill variables of creativity and of business modeling that need to be trained in order to enhance the probability of a successful process leading to original and useful business models. These skill variables are related to the start-up process and to any processes aimed at rethinking or improving existing business models. The notions and potential effects of each focus, creativity and business modeling, are discussed, followed by a more in-depth discussion of the interrelationships between the creative process and the business modeling process. The implications of the paper are discussed in terms of a combined study module aimed at new venture creation students and pupils within higher education as well as primary, secondary and high school. 
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StatusUdgivet - 6 mar. 2017