From Hannibal to Sulla: The Birth of Civil War in Republican Rome

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The book works on the assumption that the period from roughly the Second Punic War constituted, conceptually speaking, an ‘antebellum’ period to Rome’s later civil wars. The book looks at two questions: The origin of civil war itself -- the actual fighting -- and the other is the origin of the concept of bellum civile (and related terms). At its core, then, this book combines two ideas: 1) antebellum (concept from the American Civil War) on the one hand, and 2) the (great) war before the war on the other hand; in preparing for the next conflict, Rome looked back at the last great one.
ForlagDe Gruyter
ISBN (Trykt)9783111333090
ISBN (Elektronisk)9783111335216
StatusUdgivet - 16 jan. 2024
NavnStudies in Ancient Civil War (editors: Johannes Wienand, Carsten H. Lange, Henning Börm)
NummerISSN: 2941-3265