From Research-Based Teaching to Teaching-Based Research and Back

Søren Bolvig Poulsen, Nicola Morelli

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This article describes how research-based teaching can be implemented into combined teaching and research activities to strengthen the learning situation and foster new research insights together with raising unforeseen research questions. With a creative mind and careful planning academics can create synergy between research-based teaching and teaching-based research.
The research project, Ludinno, was set out to explore and develop User Driven innovation methodologies by establishing and facilitating collaboration between students from various educations with small/medium sized companies at various locations in Scandinavia. This article describes the research/teaching set up at Aalborg University, Denmark, where the research interest was focused on video in design as an analytic, creative and communicative tool.
The convergence between research questions in the Ludinno project and the learning goals of various curriculums and educations enabled a synergetic constellation that supported students learning, academic research and innovation in the participating companies. Students were offered a learning situation with real problems to address, introduction to state of the art theory and a learning structure inspired by Kolb’s learning cycle [1]. This learning situation was also very relevant to the research interests of the collaborators and educators supporting the workshop.
This article argues that research-based teaching cannot only form the foundation for teaching-based research, but these can cultivate each other through intensive and explorative workshops for students, industrial partners and academics.
TitelEPDE10 : International conference on engineering and product design education
Antal sider6
Publikationsdatosep. 2010
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2010
Udgivet eksterntJa


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