The transition to renewable energy-based power systems is in fast progress. One of the main challenges in keeping a power system
with high operational reliability is to maintain the system frequency. As synchronous generator units are replaced with powerelectronic
converters, the rotating mass and the system inertia are decreasing. Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) control is a
modern control technique that is aiming to compensate for the inertia reduction. The usage of power electronic-based converter
units equipped with VSM control has to be managed and scheduled by system operators. An assessment of the operational
frequency reliability is used to evaluate different service usages. A method is proposed that allows the comparison of different
frequency management strategies. The proposed method uses fuzzy-logic to evaluate the system risk for abnormal frequency
and the system effort in the form of frequency control usage. This allows to compare different frequency managements fast
whilst respecting many different reliability indices together. The proposed method is validated with a modified IEEE Reliability Test
System (RTS) with wind power capacity integrated.
Tidsskrift IET Energy Systems Integration
StatusAccepteret/In press - 2021


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