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This paper analyzes the maximum power transfer capability of the grid-connected renewable energy generation system, which is mainly influenced by the short circuit ratio (SCR) and the resistance-inductance ratio (R/X) of grid impedance. It is revealed that an inverter connected to the AC grid with a larger SCR or a smaller R/X ratio has more power transfer capability. Besides, it is found that the critical conditions for the inductive grid and the resistive grid are different. Under an inductive grid, SCR = 1 is a critical point for effective power transmission. However, under a resistive grid, the SCR needs to be at least higher than 5 for effective power transmission. Finally, simulation results verify the effectiveness of the analysis.
Tidsskrift2021 IEEE 12th Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition - Asia (ECCE-Asia)
Sider (fra-til)1487-1490
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2021
Begivenhed 2021 IEEE 12th Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition - Asia (ECCE-Asia) - , Singapore
Varighed: 24 maj 202127 maj 2021


Konference 2021 IEEE 12th Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition - Asia (ECCE-Asia)


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