Healthy Housing Enacted: A Qualitative Approach to Indoor Environment

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The present exploration is part of a PhD study concerning healthy housing, a project generated against the background of problems related to damp and mould in Danish homes. These problems can be caused either by constructional conditions or by the use of a building. One can say that it is the interaction between the house and its users that determines whether it is healthy or not. However, the scientific field of indoor environment research has largely been addressing single variables in quantitative measures. And even though behavioural issues have been addressed as one of the main causes of the problem, this has not been a topic investigated further. Rather, it seems as if the questions of user issues are sidestepped by a persistent belief that technical solutions such as mechanical ventilation can solve the problem by itself.
The article explores the interaction of human and non-human actors in the role of causing the problems, but also in the role of creating and maintaining a healthy home. It calls for a qualitative approach to the field, engaging with the participants in their everyday practices, but also being perceptive to the material, the artefacts, and the inscriptions that are of great significance to the everyday practices. The article is based on the initial fieldwork conducted during the autumn of 2015 and reflects the different methods applied to capture the practices and interaction at play. Some of the interviews included a walk-through in the apartments, where interviewees demonstrated their everyday practices, including the handling of windows, ventilation systems, drying facilities, and other appliances and technologies. The qualitative approach enables a black-boxed understanding of the phenomena to be opened up, with the findings illustrating the complexity of housing and public health.
TitelThe Production of Knowledge : in Architecture by Phd Research in the Nordic Countries
RedaktørerAnne Elisabeth Toft, Magnus Rönn
Antal sider26
ForlagNordic Academic Press of Architectural Research
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-91-983797-2-3
StatusUdgivet - 2018
BegivenhedThe Production of Knowledge in Architecture by PhD Research in the Nordic Countries - KTH, Architecture, Stockholm, Sverige
Varighed: 19 maj 201620 maj 2016


KonferenceThe Production of Knowledge in Architecture by PhD Research in the Nordic Countries
LokationKTH, Architecture
NavnNAF/NAAR Proceedings Series


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