IDA's Energy Vision 2050: A Smart Energy System strategy for 100% renewable Denmark

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IDA’s Energy Vision 2050 provides a Smart Energy System strategy for a 100% renewable Denmark in 2050. The vision presented should not be regarded as the only option in 2050 but as one scenario out of several possibilities.
With this vision the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, presents its third contribution for an energy strategy for Denmark. The IDA’s Energy Plan 2030 was prepared in 2006 and IDA’s Climate Plan was prepared in 2009.

IDA’s Energy Vision 2050 is developed for IDA by representatives from The Society of Engineers and by a group of researchers at Aalborg University. It is based on state-of-the-art knowledge about how low cost energy systems can be designed while also focusing on long-term resource efficiency. The Energy Vision 2050 has the ambition to focus on all parts of the energy system rather than single technologies, but to have an approach in which all sectors are integrated.

While Denmark is well on the way to having renewable based electricity and heating sectors, a number of challenges still exist within energy storage, transport and integrating the energy sectors together. By presenting a strategy for an energy system in 2050, IDA’s Energy Vision 2050 hopes to demonstrate the technical possibilities that are available and that can inspire short-term decision-making.
ForlagDepartment of Development and Planning, Aalborg University
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ISBN (Trykt)978-87-91404-78-8
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2015


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