Impact of coated windows on visual perception: A pilot study in scale models

Kjeld Johnsen, Marie-Claude Dubois

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportBogForskning

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There is at present an architectural trend promoting the use of large glass facades in commercial and office buildings. These facades generate a large cooling and heating demand creating the need for combined solar-protective and low-emissitivity coated windows. This report describes the results of a pilot study that investigated the impact of six coated glazings on daylight conditions in scale models. The study focused primarily on visual perception. Generally, the pilot study indicated that some types of coated glazings (especially solar protective coatings) significantly affect the perception of brightness and colours in a space. Overall, the study shows that coated glazings may moderately affect the perception details, slightly affect the perception of glare from window and do not affect the perception of shadows on and around objects in the room. The results also suggest that the perception of brightness and other visual aspects such as sharpness, details, character, etc., seem to be a complex function of the intensity and colour of the transmitted light and is not solely and linearly dependent on the glazing light transmittance.
ForlagSBI forlag
Antal sider35
ISBN (Trykt)87-563-1179-6
StatusUdgivet - 2003
NavnBy og Byg Documentation


  • vinduesglas
  • vinduer
  • energibesparelse
  • dagslys
  • belysningsteknik
  • lyslære
  • synsopfattelse
  • skalamodeller
  • coatede vinduer
  • window panes

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