Improved DC-Link Voltage Regulation Strategy for Grid-Connected Converters

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In this paper, an improved dc-link voltage regulation strategy is proposed for grid-connected converters applied in dc microgrids. For the inner loop of the grid-connected converter, a voltage modulated direct power control is employed to obtain two second-order linear time-invariant systems, which guarantees that the closed-loop system is globally exponentially stable. For the outer loop, a sliding mode control strategy with a load current sensor is employed to maintain a constant dc-link voltage even in the presence of constant power loads at the dc-side, which adversely affect the system stability. Furthermore, an observer for the dc-link current is designed to remove the dc current sensor at the same time improving the reliability and decreasing the cost. From both simulation and experimental results obtained from a 15-kVA prototype setup, the proposed method is demonstrated to improve the transient performance of the system and has robustness properties to handle parameter mismatches compared with the input-output linearization method.
TidsskriftI E E E Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Antal sider11
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 28 apr. 2020

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    Sliding Mode Control With Grid Voltage Modulated Direct Power Control for Three-Phase AC-DC Converter

    Gui, Y., Bendtsen, J. D. & Stoustrup, J., jul. 2019, 2019 Chinese Control Conference (CCC). Fu, M. & Sun, J. (red.). IEEE, s. 7436-7441 6 s. 8865280. (Chinese Control Conference, CCC, Bind 2019-July).

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