In-room Reverberant Multi-link Channels: Preliminary Investigations: TD(12)03042

Gerhard Steinböck, Troels Pedersen, Bernard Henri Fleury, Wei Wang, Ronald Raulefs

Publikation: Working paper/PreprintWorking paperForskning

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We model the delay power spectrum of inroom reverberant multi-link radio channels. The model relies on the empirical observation that the delay power
spectrum of each link measured in a closed room, consists of an early peak and a late exponential reverberation tail. The peak vanishes as the transmitter-receiver distance increases; the exponential decay of the reverberation tail
is invariant with distances, while the onset of the tail is equal to the propagation time between the transmitter and the receiver. The proposed model allows for the prediction of path loss, mean delay, and rms delay spread versus distance for multiple links. These predictions are in good agreement with the estimates obtained from the multi-link measurements.
UdgivelsesstedBarcelona, Spain
UdgiverCOST IC1004
StatusUdgivet - 8 feb. 2012


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