Industry mitigation scenarios and IndustryPLAN tool results

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This report presents the scenarios resulting from the detailed analysis of the European industrial sector in the sEEnergies project. The scenario results provide the inputs necessary for representing the industry sector in further holistic energy system modelling in tools such as EnergyPLAN.
The scenarios included and presented in this report are based on two connected reports from the sEEnergies project, namely “sEEnergies D3.1 Assessment of reference scenarios for industry” [1] and “sEEnergies D3.6 Energy efficiency potentials on top of the frozen efficiency scenario” [2] which provide further documentation on the reference scenario energy demand and the included mitigation measures, respectively. Furthermore, this report is an extension of the previous report “sEEnergies D3.2 Beta version of the model IndustryPLAN”, where a beta-version of the IndustryPLAN tool and expected scenarios were presented.
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StatusUdgivet - 14 jul. 2022


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