Integrated Building Energy Design of a Danish Office Building Based on Monte Carlo Simulation Method

Mathias Juul Sørensen, Sindre Hammer Myhre, Kasper Kingo Hansen, Morten Hjalf Silkjær, Anna Joanna Marszal, Li Liu

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The focus on reducing buildings energy consumption is gradually increasing, and the optimization of a building’s performance and maximizing its potential leads to great challenges between architects and engineers. In this study, we collaborate with a group of architects on a design project of a new office building located in Aarhus, Denmark. Building geometry, floor plans and employee schedules were obtained from the architects which is the basis for this study. This study aims to simplify the iterative design process that is based on the traditional trial and error method in the late design phases and improve the collaboration efficiency.

Monte Carlo Simulation method is adopted to simulate both the energy performance and indoor climate of the building. Building physics parameters, including characteristics of facades, walls, windows, etc., are taken into consideration, and thousands of combinations of these parameters are screened to find those can achieve the design criteria. The software Be15 and BSim are used as two-step solvers to process the calculation of energy consumption and indoor environment.

A solution pool is then obtained for architects to choose from, see Fig. 2 and 3. All these solutions can fulfil the requirements and leaves additional design freedom for the architects. This study utilizes global design exploration with Monte Carlo Simulations, in order to form feasible solutions for architects and improves the collaboration efficiency between architects and engineers.
TidsskriftEnergy Procedia
Udgave nummerOctober 2017
Sider (fra-til)93-98
StatusUdgivet - 2017
Begivenhed11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics - The Electro Building at Gløshaugen campus, NTNU, Trondheim, Norge
Varighed: 11 jun. 201714 jun. 2017
Konferencens nummer: 11


Konference11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics
LokationThe Electro Building at Gløshaugen campus, NTNU


  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Building design
  • Building performance
  • Multi-collaborative design process

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