Intuitive Music and Graphic Notation: Two Musical Training Disciplines within Music Therapy Education and their theoretical Backgrounds

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Describes subjects existing at Aalborg University since the middle eighties. "Intuitive Music" trains free improvisation through exercises including group-dynamic exercises, awareness exercises and parameter exercises. Students also create open compositions. "Graphic notation"concerns aural scores. Students' works are quoted. The writer discusses the theoretical context and advocates for giving more attention to music as the medium in which music therapy takes place, referring to language theory and Jakobson.

NB: the description of the two subjects are, at the present moment (2011) no longer up to date. Intuitive music stresses less making compositions and more using the main instrument intuitively. Graphic notation has been integrated into a larger subject (also taught by the present author) which also comprises other methods of description and interpretation of music.
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StatusUdgivet - 1999
NavnMusic Therapy Monographs from Aalborg University (DK)

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