Investigating Disruption: A Literature Review of Core Concepts of Disruptive Innovation Theory

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This book shares knowledge collected from 2015 and onward within the Consortium for Digital Disruption anchored at Aalborg University (

Evidenced by this publication, the field of disruptive innovation research has gone through several stages of operationalizing the theory. In recent years, researchers are increasingly looking back towards the origins of the theory in attempts to cure it from its most obvious flaws. This is especially true for the use of the theory in making predictions about future disruptions.

In order to continue to develop a valuable theory of disruption, we find it useful to first review what the theory of disruptive innovation initially was, how it has developed, and where we are now.

A cross section of disruptive innovation literature has been reviewed in order to form a general foundation from which we might better understand the changing world of innovation management in the light of disruptive innovation theory.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
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