KAPITEL 1.2 Raumklimatische Grundlagen (Chapter 1.2 Foundations of Indoor Climate)

Runa T. Hellwig, Christian Scherer, Wolfgang Bischof, Gerhard A. Wiesmueller

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/konference proceedingBidrag til bog/antologiUndervisning


This periodical is the classic compendium for german engineers in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning planning. It was established by Hermann recknagel 1896. 124 years after the first edition was published, now in 2020, the 80 edition is published. The compendium is aperiodical which is updated every second year.

The contribution by Hellwig, Scherer, Bischof and Wiesmueller is the chapter on basic knowledge on indoor climate perception and requirements, which form the basis for every conditioning system of the indoor environment and hence determining - beside the building envelope - how energy efficient a building can be operated.
Bidragets oversatte titelChapter 1.2 Foundations of Indoor Climate
TitelDas Taschenbuch für Heizung+Klimatechnik DER RECKNAGEL 2021/2022 (Compendium Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning 'Der Recknagel' 2021/2022) : periodically updated compendium
RedaktørerKarl-Josef Albers
ForlagITM InnoTech Medien GmbH
ISBN (Trykt)978-3-96143-090-1, 978-3-96143-098-8
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-3-96143-092-5, 978-3-96143-093-2
StatusUdgivet - 2020


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