Limit values for Downlink Mobile Telephony in Denmark

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The purpose of this report is to set limits on the minimum average field-strength need in the downlink (from the mobile base-station to the mobile phone) for the mobile systems GSM900 and GSM1800 as well as the CDMA based UMTS900 and UMTS2100 systems in Denmark.
The main assumptions made in this work are:
1. The downlink is the limiting link as only downlink fieldstrengths are available and a good link balance is then assumed.
2. The limit-values are valid for telephony using a mobile phone i.e. phonecalls and are not necessarily valid for receiving an alert (the phone is ringing) or a data call.
3. The limiting factor is the field-strength and not e.g. capacity, interference or blocking.
4. The limits are based on average values and as it is a statistical value no guarantees can be given that there will be coverage in all single cases but only on a statistical basis.
5. The bodyloss is obtained largely by the measured bodyloss for the most popular phones in the network, here taken as the most sold phones in 2011 [Mob12].
6. The limits given can be used both for outdoor, in a car and indoor but values given by the mobile operators are often given for outdoor radio coverage only.
The minimum average signal-strength values are mainly based on the receiver sensitivity as given in the system requirements for the terminals and the excess loss or gain due to implementation losses or gains in mainly the antenna and the receiver of the phone and the excess loss by the user of the phone also called the bodyloss.
The basic sensitivity requirements of e.g. the GSM system for the mobile terminals are -102 dBm but here the measured values will be used for the phones in talk mode. The measured values will be obtained with the phone placed next to the head and a hand holding the phone.
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StatusUdgivet - 19 nov. 2012

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