Local initiative extrapolated to nation: Denmark

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftPosterForskning


In the municipality of Sønderborg, in the southern part of Jutland, there is a shining example initiated in 2007, ProjectZero, of a local initiative that have resulted in extensive energy savings in residential buildings and at the same time created local workplaces. The intension with the pilot is to investigate the possible energy reduction in Denmark if the same approach was made for the entire Danish building stock.
Deployment of this methodology on national scale will not be straight forward as it requires strong local support. In Sønderborg the local business and clean-tech companies have strongly supported the project. Additionally, one of the driving forces has been the creation of something unique among the local residents and feeling to be able to create local unity. This cannot easily be made nationally.
Never the less, playing with the idea about a nationwide dissemination will demonstrate the possibilities for energy savings and creation of local jobs if a community strives for a common goal. It is the aim of the Danish government that Danish buildings should be free of fossil fuels by 2035. To be able to reach that goal, it is estimated that the energy consumption in the existing building stock should be reduced by a minimum of 50 % and business-as-usual may not be sufficient.
Publikationsdato18 nov. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 18 nov. 2015