Local support for renewable energy technologies? Attitudes towards local near-shore wind farms among second home owners and permanent area residents on the Danish coast

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This paper documents different attitudes towards planned local renewable energy technology (RET) projects in Denmark among two identified key local project stakeholder groups, permanent area residents (PRs) and second home owners (SHOs). It does so via survey data from almost 2000 respondents collected during the 2015–2016 Danish near-shore wind farm tender. Firstly, judging by this research data local permanent area residents are positive towards the planned local wind farms, while second home owners are less so. This emphasizes that potential RET project stakeholders and stakeholder groups may have very different project perceptions and opinions. Secondly, the documented project support among the local residents was silent support, and project critique received most of the attention in the wider public and political wind farm project related debate. Moreover, drawing upon research insights from the interdisciplinary socially focused energy transitions body of literature, the paper suggests that particular uses of and therefore perhaps particular attachments to particular places may inform stakeholder perceptions of RET related local change.

TidsskriftEnergy Policy
Udgave nummerSeptember
Sider (fra-til)691-701
Antal sider11
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2019



  • Offshore wind farms
  • local acceptance
  • local engagement
  • place attachment
  • second home owners
  • wind farms
  • public perceptions
  • renewable energy technologies