Long-term follow-up after acute achilles tendon rupture — Does treatment strategy influence functional outcomes?

Laurine Nilsson*, Jonas Bloch Thorlund, Inge Lunding Kjær, Andrius Kazlauskas, Marianne Christensen


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Background: Patients struggle to fully recover after an Achilles tendon rupture. Although several studies has investigated surgical and non-surgical treatment, the best treatment is still uncertain. The aim of this study was to investigate long-term patient-reported outcomes and objective measures 4 years after acute Achilles tendon rupture and compare whether outcomes differed between patients treated on basis of the previous regimen preferring surgical treatment and the new regimen preferring functional rehabilitation. Methods: Achilles tendon Total Rupture Score (ATRS), number of re-ruptures and the objective measures; Achilles tendon resting angle, calf circumference, heel-rise height, and muscle endurance were measured at a 4-year follow-up. Patients were recruited from Aalborg University Hospital. Results: Seventy-six patients were included (29% female). The mean ATRS was 71.4 (95% CI: 65.8 to 77.1) at 4 years follow-up. No difference in ATRS was observed between Previous regimen and New regimen at any timepoint (time x group interaction, (p = 0.851). The injured side was still significantly impaired compared with the non-injured side in terms of all objective measures. Impairments in objective measures were not dependent on the preferred treatment strategy. Conclusions: Patient reported impairments and objective functional deficits persist 4 years after an acute Achilles tendon rupture. No differences in patient reported outcome or objective measures at the 4 years follow-up was observed between the old treatment regimen preferring surgery compared with the new treatment regimen preferring functional rehabilitation.

Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2021

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