Lydbilleder VI: Else Marie Pade - Pioner

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This Exhibition, curated together with Hans Sydow, was the first ever to present Else Marie Pades important and pioneering work in electronic and concrete music. As the only woman and Dane ever to be accepted into the prestigious Schaeffer Group in the 50s, the quality of her work was rediscovered due to this exhibition and accompanying events, such as remastering and publication of her sound works and the first research publications on her work. Much more was to follow. It in essense rebooted Else Marie Pade's career, then 82, which affectionately dubbed her into the great grand mother of electronic music in Denmark and bringing her to festivals all over Europe. As well as some amazing collaborations with younger artists such as Jacob Kierkegaard, right until she passed.
The exhibition included presentations in sound and images/things the Symphonie Magnetiphonique, Seven Circles, Hitler is not Dead, Glasperlespillet, En dag på Dyrehavsbakken, Faust
Bidragets oversatte titelSound Image Biennal VI: Else Marie Pade - Pioneer
Publikationsdato15 jun. 2001
StatusUdgivet - 15 jun. 2001


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