Management of treatment-related sequelae following colorectal cancer

S Haas, A H Mikkelsen, Cjs Kronborg, B T Oggesen, P F Møller, J Fassov, N A Federiksen, M Krogsgaard, C Grauaard-Jensen, L Ventzel, P Christensen, K J Emmertsen

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AIM: Colorectal cancer survivors are one of the most rapidly growing groups of patients living with and beyond cancer. In a national multidisciplinary setting, we have examined the extent of late treatment-related sequelae in colorectal cancer survivors and present the scientific evidence for management of these conditions in this patient category with the aim of facilitating identification and treatment.

METHOD: A systematic search for existing guidelines and relevant studies was performed across 16 and 4 databases, respectively, from inception to 2021. This yielded 13 guidelines and 886 abstracts, of which 188 were included in the finalized guideline (231 included for full text review). Secondarily, bibliographies were cross-referenced and 53 additional articles were included.

RESULTS: Symptoms have been divided into overall categories including psychosocial, bowel-related, urinary, sexual (male and female), pain/neuropathy and fatigue symptoms or complaints that are examined individually. Merging and grading of data resulted in 22 recommendations and 42 management strategies across categories. Recommendations are of a more general character, whereas management strategies provide more practical advice suited for initiation on site before referral to specialized units.

CONCLUSION: Treatment-related sequelae in colorectal cancer survivors are common and attention needs to be focused on identifying patients with unmet treatment needs and the development of evidence-based treatment algorithms.

TidsskriftColorectal Disease
Udgave nummer3
Sider (fra-til)458-488
Antal sider31
StatusUdgivet - mar. 2023

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