Medialogy - convergence and transdisciplinarity

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Art and design have many qualities which intuitively by society are appreciated. But on daily basis they are also assessed and evaluated. Some communities also share common understandings that norms, standards, conventions evolve, both from artistic desire as well as from more physical needs for changes in society, developments in taste etc.  However, it certainly seems fair to say, that available technology makes a great difference to the development of any art form or practice.

With the up rise of new educations such as Medialogy, new aspects of convergence and different forms of interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity is a pre-requisite for both researchers and students. In this talk we will demonstrate our approach through concrete examples of student productions and projects. We will also display the pedagogical method (problem based learning), that enables students to bridge gaps between art and science.

Publikationsdato7 dec. 2007
StatusUdgivet - 7 dec. 2007

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Udgiver: The University of Newcastle, Australia


  • Medialogi
  • interdisciplinaritet
  • transdisciplinaritet
  • tværfagligt design
  • læring i praksisfællesskaber


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