Migrating the Light: Nomadic Translations of Lucian Blaga

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    The migration of Blaga’s universalist, even centralist poems from Romanian of the first third of the 20th C. into American of the first fifth of the 21st C. illustrates the uses of Pierre Joris’s nomadic methods. My translations of Blaga read well for a teenage audience whose only exposure to literature consists of Twilight series novels. While I believe my translations are true to the content of the originals, I equally believe that such a readership would have been unthinkable for the originals – not because the Gothic genre did not exist or appeal to young Romanians in the 1930s, but rather because Blaga’s poetry was never framed or received in such a manner. Re-contextualized in the American vernacular of the 21st C. this readership, however, given a chance of exposure to Blaga, would see him as belonging to the lineage of Poe, Stoker and other Gothic or horror authors.
    Publikationsdato8 nov. 2013
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